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Beaminster School Privacy Notice for Pupils
Complaint Form
Complaint Guidance for Parents
Complaint Guidance for Parents - Appendix 1
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020
Pupil Premium Review 2019-2020
School Nurse Messaging Service Information for Students
School Solar Panels Performance Information
Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2020
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Acceptable Use of ICT
Accessibility Plan (to 2022)
Admissions Policy (Dorset Council) 2022-2023
Admissions Policy (Dorset Council) 2021-2022
Admissions Policy (Dorset Council) 2020-2021
Anti-bullying Policy
Anti-cyberbullying Policy May 2020
Attendance Policy and Guidance (Dorset Council) 2019-20
Behaviour Policy 2020
Blended (Digital) Learning Plan 2021
Careers Policy 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy 2020
Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy 2019
COVID-19 Annex to Child Protection Policy 2020
COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum March 2021
Data Protection Policy (Draft) 2020
Drugs and Alcohol Policy 2020
Equality Policy (including Equality Objectives) 2021-23
SEND Information Report 2020
SEND Policy 2020
Sex and Relationships Policy 2020

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