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School Nurse Messaging Service Information for Students
Beaminster School Privacy Notice for Pupils
Complaint Form
Complaint Guidance for Parents
Complaint Guidance for Parents - Appendix 1
Pupil Premium Report 2020
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020
Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium 2020
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Acceptable Use of ICT
Accessibility Plan (to 2022)
Anti-bullying Policy
Anti-cyberbullying Policy May 2020
Attendance Policy and Guidance (Dorset Council) 2019-20
Behaviour Policy 2020
Blended (Digital) Learning Plan 2021
Careers Policy 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy 2020
Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy 2019
COVID-19 Annex to Child Protection Policy 2020
Data Protection Policy (Draft) 2020
Drugs and Alcohol Policy 2020
Equality Policy (including Equality Objectives) 2020
SEND Information Report 2020
SEND Policy 2020
Sex and Relationships Policy 2020

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