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Welcome to our School
Mr Hales, Headteacher
Our School Aims
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We are proud of our school and its achievements across the entire curriculum.

We are optimistic about the future for our students and seek to develop their abilities in a happy, secure stimulating and purposeful environment. The courses and extra-curricular experiences we offer are selected to allow our students to develop as individuals, and to make the most their time with us.

The quality of our work depends upon the partnerships that we have between staff, parents, students and the wider community. We are fortunate to have good facilities, high standards of teaching and supportive, caring staff.

We hope that you will play an active part in your child's education and we look forward to working with you to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

As a Christian Community school (founded in 1685) we use our strong foundations to look towards the future and to build upon the good work of our primary partners.

School Opening Hours

8.45am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday


Our students are in school for

33.75 hours per week

Beaminster School aims to:

  • Promote all round excellence

  • Achieve high quality academic standards through quality teaching and learning

  • Develop self-discipline, enterprise, responsibility and independent learning

  • Value, encourage and support all students according to their needs

  • Prepare students to succeed in a changing world

  • Make sure students are aware of and respond to the needs of others

  • Work in partnership with the wider community to the benefit of both.

As a Christian foundation school we promote:

  • Moral strength and spiritual depth to hold a course in the face of difficulties

  • Have knowledge that family life and love of one's neighbours is more important than economic values

  • Reverence for the beauty of creation

  • Discussion of the great questions of life, death, meaning and truth.

Our School Ethos
Ambition - Service - Kindness - ASK

"We are very impressed with

the school, particularly the

pastoral care"

Parent Survey

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"The school is a harmonious place to learn and grow"


"There are numerous opportunities for students to reflect on important spiritual issues"


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