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Year 10 4th - 15th May 2020

In 2012 Beaminster School decided to continue with its highly successful Work Experience Programme, despite the withdrawal of financial support from the County.  We felt the benefits of the programme overwhelmingly outweighed the investment that the school would have to make. As a result of this decision, over the coming months we will be organising Year 10 students’ work experience placements and preparing them to gain as much as possible from the two weeks in May 2020. 


Gaining a worthwhile placement is a positive catalyst in the careers guidance programme e.g. students have to prepare a full curriculum vitae, consider their strengths, abilities, attitudes, long term and shorter-term interests and goals.  They have to write formal letters of application to prospective employers and sometimes make telephone contacts, make informal visits or attend formal interviews and make considered choices. 


They will be given help and support in this process; students have full access to a comprehensive database, independently inspected and verified placements which have accepted students for a work experience in the past.  Whilst not guaranteeing a placement for the coming year, it gives contact names, addresses and a brief description of the work students may be required to do.


Students and parents may well be able to use personal or business contacts to obtain a placement and in past years a proportion of the year group has gone ‘out of county’ (often to very interesting roles).  It must be emphasised that such placements have to be checked thoroughly for insurance and Health and Safety aspects, and it is the school’s responsibility to ensure the placement is suitable to be taken up. 


The in-depth paperwork involved for such placements means we must start the contacts extra early.  Although we are able to add a previously unused company to the database, it is essential in the first place that the company hold Employers' Liability Insurance cover; it is worth establishing this fact before any negotiations take place.  As a general rule, self-employed individuals are unlikely to carry the necessary insurance. 


The cost for a basic two-week placement within county is £35.00, which Beaminster School will pay for.  If parents/guardians and pupil feel they will benefit from two separate placements of one week there will be a charge of £35.00 to cover the school’s expenses.  Equally, if an out of county placement is felt to be beneficial then the extra cost of £50.00 will have to be charged by the school.  The guidelines, in terms of time to process:

  • London placements take 16 weeks to organize therefore have a deadline of Tuesday 7 January, 2020 for all requests/information to be in school

  • Anywhere else out of county is 14 weeks, therefore Friday, 24 January, 2020 is the deadline

  • Within Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire it is 9 weeks, therefore Friday, 28 February, 2020 will be the deadline.

The school will be financing the standard work experience placements but as the price has been negotiated for a whole year group, the school reserves the right to make a charge for any student who fails to participate through their own actions.


 We do our level best to ‘match’ a student to a specific request or area of real interest, but as you will appreciate there are travel and availability constraints and always excessive demands on placements in, for example, veterinary surgeries, solicitors’ offices, Westland Aero engineering, graphic design, hospitals etc.  So, we emphasise that the two weeks is to experience the world of work in general and may not link directly to a future career.


Students keep a daily diary, (provided by the school) and employers complete a comprehensive review of performance.  There will also be debrief work during tutor time and PRS lessons.  Both these documents have proved extremely useful for personal records and even university and job applications.


A final, very positive word – Beaminster students have an extremely good reputation for their maturity and commitment.  Employers’ Reports make rewarding reading for student, parents and staff.  We are confident that the present Year 10 will maintain these excellent relationships with our community (and further afield) and prove good ambassadors for themselves, their parents and their school.  We look forward to a positive and rewarding experience.

  • Year 10 Work Experience dates are Monday 4 May to Friday 15 May, 2020

  • The Friday of the first week of work experience is a Bank Holiday.  Many employers will work as normal on that day and will expect students to attend their work placement.  Please bear this in mind when making arrangements.

  • Students who are ill or cannot attend their placement for any reason are required:

    • to ring  their employer (the telephone number will be printed on the green Parent Agreement form)

    • to ring the school 01308 862633

  • Summary of timescale:

    • Information regarding London placements to school by Tuesday, 7 January, 2020 incurring a charge of £50

    • Information regarding outside the local area (see below) to school by Friday 24 January, 2020 incurring a charge of £50

    • Information regarding local placements within Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire to school by Friday, 28 February, 2019 – no charge for a two week block placement; a charge of £35 for an alternative choice for a second placement

    • Late placement fee (after deadline) incurs a further £35 per student per placement charge where an employer visit is required.

  • Any problems which may arise can be dealt with promptly by contacting Miss Polwarth or Mr Donovan on the school telephone number during school hours.

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