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The Sixth Form

We operate a very successful, well-established combined

Sixth Form with the Sir John Colfox Academy in Bridport

Careers and post-18 options are provided by aspire 

This is an independent organisation providing free advice on next steps including work and training, university, a year out and careers. 

A parent pack is available which can be accessed by registering 


Year 13s planning on going to university and currently writing personal statements are encouraged to look at the subject specific advice provided by UCAS

Omio's Gap Year Guide 


Detailed information on:

  • The benefits of taking a gap year

  • How to organise a year abroad step by step (e.g., accommodation, transportation, entry requirements and travel restrictions)

  • Itinerary suggestions and tips for traveling in Europe on a budget

  • Volunteering in Europe 

  • How to successfully find and apply for an internship in Europe

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